Our curriculum-based virtual field trips will take your students around the world without leaving the classroom.

 Our virtual field trips are just right for you if:

·  You want to develop students who are global citizens.

·  You are looking for new ideas to spark your students’ curiosity and imagination.

·  You want to introduce your students to the marvels of the world.

·  You want to bring engaging digital content into your classroom.

·  You require resources beyond textbooks to reach visual learners, English language learners, and those who are reading-challenged.

·  You are looking for a classroom resource that is easy, simple, and quick.

·  Your teaching priorities are leaving you with little to no time to address social studies.

Using our virtual field trips means that you can expect to find:

·  Better use of your time because we’ve done the work to provide the curriculum-based videos along with quizzes.

·  The satisfaction that comes from seeing your students engaged and inspired.

·  A painless way to incorporate technology in the classroom.

·  Increased student motivation from the use of technology.

·  Better outcomes for students requiring extra support and/or individualized learning.

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·  Amazon Rainforest

·  Coral Reef

·  African Safari

·  Galapagos Islands

·  Ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome, Mayans

·  Barcelona (English, Spanish)


·  Jerusalem

·  Washington, DC

·  Paris (English, French)

·  Cuba

·  National Parks - U.S.

·  Many more in development

Some of our 50+ videos:

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Download Our 10 Inspiring Ideas to Make all Virtual Field Trips Memorable!


Motivate and inspire your learners with our budget-friendly videos created by educators for educators.

"I use the Virtual Field Trips site and the students LOVE it.  Learning by virtually experiencing has been highly successful for my students. A few of our favorites are the Amazon, Coral Reefs, African Safari, and Rome. “

 Kryssie, 6th Grade teacher, Arizona.

“I teach 9th graders who are 2 to 3 years behind in their reading and writing. They are also socioeconomically disadvantaged with not many experiences to write about. I thought this would give them something to write about as well as be educational and enjoyable. We do one each Monday and they love them! They ask, "Where are we going today?"”

Lisa, 9th Grade teacher, Texas

"I teach grades K-3 Science, Social Studies, Government, Geography, and Economics. I have found Virtual Field Trips videos a valuable piece in many areas. I use an interactive white board on a daily basis and have been able to link the videos into the flip charts making access to them very easy during the lesson. I look forward to more of these quality videos."

Scott, Exploration Teacher, Minnesota

"I really appreciate the value of this site. My students are very much enjoying it. Thank you!"

Suzanne, 3rd Grade teacher, Montana

How We Do It

First, we research and explore each topic or destination.

Then we establish academic goals for inclusion.

Next, we craft a script that will educate and entertain.

Finally, we put together an engaging video to bring everything together visually!

"My 6th grade students are always excited to learn through reading and the Virtual Field Trips site. The videos are incredibly engaging and informative. The ease of use is very appreciated as a teacher pressed for time."

Kryssie, 6th Grade teacher, Arizona.

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