Our curriculum-based virtual field trips will take your students around the world without leaving the classroom.

Motivate and inspire your learners with our budget-friendly videos created by educators for educators.

 Our virtual field trips are just right for you if:

·  You want to develop students who are global citizens.

·  You are looking for new ideas to spark your students’ curiosity and imagination.

·  You want to introduce your students to the marvels of the world.

·  You want to bring engaging digital content into your classroom.

·  You require resources beyond textbooks to reach visual learners, English language learners, and those who are reading-challenged.

·  You are looking for a classroom resource that is easy, simple, and quick.

·  Your curricular priorities are leaving you with little to no time to address the social studies.

Using our virtual field trips means that you can expect to find:

·  Better use of your time because we’ve done the work to provide the curriculum-based videos along with quizzes.

·  The satisfaction that comes from seeing your students engaged and inspired.

·  Increased confidence in your ability to incorporate technology in the classroom.

·  Increased student motivation from the use of technology.

·  Better outcomes for students requiring extra support and/or individualized learning.

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·  Coral Reef

·  Jerusalem

·  Amazon Rainforest (English, Spanish)

·  Barcelona (English, Spanish)

·  Galapagos Islands

·  Ancient Greece


·  African Safari

·  Paris (English, French)

·  London

·  Washington, DC

·  Tokyo

·  Many more in development

Featured Destinations

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